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Did you know Chelation therapy is the us

Did you know Chelation therapy is the use of specific substances, either synthesized chemicals or natural ones, to remove a few toxic metals from a persons body?

Did you know Chelation literally means

Did you know Chelation literally means ‘to chemically bind to.’ Chelation therapy is used to remove toxic metals such as lead and arsenic, or minerals such as iron and calcium?

Ask my how I’m losing my weight! We hav

Ask my how I’m losing my weight! We have a great program to fit anyone and everyone.

Amazing local realtor

This guy is selling houses like crazy and helping so many people in the process


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Ask us about how we are helping others l

Ask us about how we are helping others lose weight in our office!

Eating my way to freedom

So this morning I got up and had lost another 2 pounds (190lbs) and I’m feeling great. Tuesday morning will be the completion of 1 week. Almost to my first week goal of 188.5, so hopefully when I wake up Tuesday morning ill be at 188.5 or less 🙂 stay tuned …

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Eating Clean

Day 6 is going really well down almost another 2 pounds in 24 hours so cool. I’m feeling really good, mind is clear, blood sugars are leveling out. Goal by my weigh in Monday morning is 188.5

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My Weight Loss Journey

My Weight Loss Journey: My journey to weight loss TX – My journey to weight loss has been like most it goes up and it sometimes it goes down 🙂 Now I started at 198.5 at 5’7 so far its been 5 days and I’m already down 6 pounds. I’ve got 25 more days, but I’m off to a pretty good start. The first couple of days was challenging, but by day 3 I felt pretty good. Today I’m almost done with 2nd day of the 2-day cleanse part, and I’m actually feeling really good. Stay tuned for more ….

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Dallas Weight Loss

What’s your weight loss plan for this summer? Are you planning some serious exercise program? Or posting motivational quotes for weight loss all over your bathroom mirror? Have you picked up some vitamins for weight loss that your neighbor recommended?

You know you need to lose some weight, and chances are you’ve tried it before and even had some level of temporary success with various fad diets and hollywood programs.

But for lasting weight loss, you need a tailored health plan, that increases your overall metabolism and the weight loss is a natural side effect of a healthy lifestyle.

We are Main Street Chiropractic, and we specialize in metabolic weight loss.

We are conveniently located in Euless TX, also serving the Dallas and Fort Worth TX areas.Contact us today for a consultation. Let’s get this thing started!

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